Something Old, Something New

We are super-proud to announce that we’ve landed a HUGE client.

We can’t tell you who they are.  It’s secret.  But we love working with them, they have offices all over the United States, and they are a lot of fun.

Watch the new job postings and get ready to work!  Polish up those resumes, shine those interview shoes, and make sure that you have nice clothes to wear to the interview.

To the right, click the “See Active Jobs” button to see what we are trying to find right now.  If you think you’re a fit, or know somebody who is, please share with us?


I’ve heard quite a bit lately about how dire the economy is, and how things are shaping up for the end of the year.  I will state that we have FIVE different clients that we are sourcing for right now, and there are more opportunities on the way.  If you are interested in working through Talent Recruiters, Inc. to land a job, or you are a hiring manager trying to find the right fit for your in-place team, give us a call.

Heck, you can call me directly:  Lou Berger at 303.539.9350.

Some things to remember:

1)  Interviewing with a recruiter is the first step in the process.  Don’t think of a recruiter as your servant.  We are paid by the clients, so we represent the client when you speak with us.  Try not to call us morons in your emails.  😉

2)  Don’t forget that it is our job to represent you in your best possible light.  To that end, please send us a resume after you’ve thoroughly read and understood the job description we’ve posted.  If you are sending in a resume for general purposes, make it the long one, chronologically formatted (not functionally), and with as much “story” to your job history as possible.  We don’t want to read bullet points.  We want to see how you responded to adversity and succeeded.  If necessary, fill in details that the job description calls for that isn’t now represented in your resume.  Example:  If we are searching for a Business Analyst with Bolo experience, please make sure we have Bolo in the resume.

3)  Minimum things we’d like to see:  Your name.  Your address.  All your phone numbers.  What your work status (US Citizen, Green Card Holder, H1B)  is, if applicable.  Resumes without these bare minimums are discarded without comment.  Not being mean, we just don’t have the time to track that information down.

4)  Don’t ask “how much” as your first question.  We’re building relationships, not selling jobs.  We want to know where you come from, what you’ve done, what you are interested in doing.  What motivates you?  Why did you leave your last job?  What causes you to remain loyal?  What drives you away?  We are in the business of making a match between great jobs and great candidates.  Don’t kick yourself out of the game early by demanding what the pay scale is.  If money is your primary motivator, we aren’t interested in representing you.

5)  Talk to us as mentors.  We do this every day.  Most candidates haven’t interviewed in years.  Trust us.  We know what we are doing.  Listen to our advice and work hard to follow it.  Ask questions if you must.  Assume that your landing a job is our highest priority.  You’d be right.

Questions?  Shoot either Wade or me an email:  Lou@TalentRecruiters.net or Wade@TalentRecruiters.net

Lou Berger

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