So you want to land a job…

And you’ve come here to get some insight.

The art of recruiting (you may disagree that recruiting is an art, but we like to think of it that way) requires us to pursue the jobs most likely to bear success.  We only get paid when we find the right match, so we are tightly focused on interviewing candidates doing, right now, what the client is seeking.  And doing that thing extremely well.

We can’t, therefore, help you change careers. If you’ve been managing a video rental store, we can’t transform you into a technical Project Manager overnight.

You understand that, right?

Our clients only use us when they are having a hard time finding a candidate to fill their open positions. Although they might be hiring for an open position where a video rental store manager might make a great fit, and where the training and expectations are in place for helping somebody make a career change, they never give those jobs to recruiters to fill.

We only get the hard jobs.

When we post a job order, we usually include the requirements right up at the top of the posted job description, usually in the second paragraph, right after we describe the type of job and where it will be located.

The second paragraph of our job descriptions are the things that the client absolutely, without a doubt, must see in order to move forward. If we have listed, for example, a job for a business analyst with at least three years’ experience with Information Technology, using Informatica in an enterprise environment, then please don’t apply for that job if your last position was as a manager at an oil change facility. Or even if you were a software developer or a software tester. We will only be interested in finding somebody who is doing business analysis, in an enterprise environment, using Informatica.

If your skill set doesn’t match what we are currently seeking, there is still an avenue for us to work together. Simply register and upload your resume to our system as a General application. Don’t pick a job you aren’t qualified for.

We really appreciate your understanding.


Some Tips on How to Land a Job without a Recruiter

If you aren’t a fit for one of our current positions and need to get a job anyway, don’t fret!

Ninety-five percent of hires take place without the intervention of recruiters.  This means, basically, that if you want to get a job, the most likely way to get one is to use the network you already have in place.  Talk to your friends, see where they are working. Ask if their companies are hiring.  Call up old bosses and see if they might have a position to take you back or, if that doesn’t work, the HR staff at previous jobs.

Dig your well, the old adage goes, before you are thirsty.  Once you are working, keep active in your network.  Talk to your friends. Make new ones.  Keep your options open.

Why did you leave your last job?  How about the time before that? Is there a pattern?  Do you find that you talk yourself into an exciting new job only to become unsatisfied and unfulfilled, updating your resume and looking within nine months? Are you taking the first job that comes along because  you are scared to be without work?

We focus on the “right fit” when it comes to our clients, and you should actively seek the type of job that will hold your interest for five years or more. We need to be honest with ourselves as to what motivates us to take a job.  More importantly, what motivates us to stay at a job.  It starts inside ourselves.

Review your previous employment situations and draw up a list of why you aren’t there anymore.  See what caused you to leave. Then, please, never take a job with those same circumstances again.

When it comes to landing the right job, never dismiss the necessity of personal satisfaction.  The happiest employees are the ones that love going to work in the morning.

Do you?  If not, let’s help find you something better.

Lou Berger

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