Sharepoint Emergency

Today we made another placement, this time for a Sharepoint Architect. My client called me yesterday evening, during my drive to my writing critique group.

“Lou, got a sec?” he asked. “We need a Sharepoint Architect for a six week assignment. It starts, get this, on Monday!”

“Um,” I replied. “Not really a big fan of last-minute contracts. What’s the urgency?”

“Brand new project, they wanna start immediately. Oh, and the candidate will have to spend a week of that six weeks onsite in Houston.”

“Got it!”

Finished writing group, went back to the office and worked between 10 and 11 PM, looking through our internal database for folks we’ve worked with in the past. Sent out twenty emails and went home.

This morning, we checked the inbox and found that seven of my twenty had replied. I spoke with each, outlined the situation, set up interviews for three of them. By noon, my client had hired the right fit. Our newest addition to the Talent Recruiters, Inc. family begins work on Monday.

As Louis Pasteur once said, “Luck favors the prepared.”

In this case, Talent Recruiters, Inc. was prepared to step up and find the right fit on, literally, a last-minute basis.

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Lou Berger

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