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“Lou, we need a Senior developer with Salesforce.com experience, preferably Apex development experience. They can work remotely, and we need to start them as soon as we find the right match.”


I had Wade (one of my recruiters) take point on this assignment and help find the right fit. We checked our internal database, a couple job boards and then delved into our network. I found what I thought was a great fit, a guy out in North Carolina, who was very up front and honest:

“Lou, I can’t.  I do this for a living, but am working 80 hours a week as it is.  I tried once before to help out another company by doing work for them on the side, but it didn’t work out and I let them down.”

This reply, as you can guess, threw me. I appreciated the honesty, how he wasn’t trying to talk himself up or position himself as “all that.” Rather, he was subverting his own ego for the greater good.  Instant credibility!  This is a guy I can work with!   I like that honesty and empathy for getting the job done RIGHT!

So I do what any good recruiter should do. “Well, thank you for your open honesty. Who do you know that MIGHT be a great fit for this role?”

He volunteered a name, I called that name, and we made the placement late yesterday afternoon!

Yes, we turned a position around in just a few hours. Now we have helped find a new consultant a new job, and we’ve demonstrated to our client that, not only are we quality-oriented, but we are FAST too!

This brings the placement total, just for the month of July, to SEVEN.

How can we help YOU?

Lou Berger

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