How can you earn money with Talent Recruiters, Inc?

We are sometimes asked if we have a referral program and, as a matter of fact, we do!

If you introduce us to a new company, one we’ve never worked with, and that company employs us to help them find a new employee, we will pay you $500 as a “thank you” after we’ve been paid for our first hire with them.

Similarly, if you know somebody that might be a fit for one of our job openings, and we haven’t met that person before, we will pay you a $500 referral fee once we place that person at a client.

Finally, we have a current promotion happening in conjunction with Angie Austin on the radio. Her show, “The Good News with Angie Austin” is rapidly becoming a syndicated hit, as she brings feel-good stories to the airwaves in the midst of all the bad news the major news corporations insist on sharing with us. If you employ Talent Recruiters, Inc. to help you find a new employee and you mention Angie Austin, we will give you an instant credit of 10% off our placement fee.

Visit Angie Austin at her website: http://www.angieaustinradio.com

Lou Berger

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