Holidays are A’Coming…

So the holidays are fast approaching and we find ourselves with twenty-two open positions to fill before they get here.

Busy? You betcha.

Some suggestions for the candidate who is looking to land a job before the new year:

1) Take the time to review your resume and make sure that it’s telling the truth. Monster (the job board) did a survey and found that up to 50% of resumes have some sort of untruth (read: lie) on them. Don’t be that person.

2) Misspellings cost you a lot. Accountemps did another survey and found that misspellings cost you the interview. (Reference link: http://bit.ly/9EgDHu)

3) White space is your friend. It’s completely up to you, but try and glance at your resume from the point of view of a hiring manager. Is it a massive edifice of text, with little space? Managers want to read stories of success, so gear your resume in that direction. Don’t overwhelm the reader with buzzwords like “paradigm shift” and dry statistics about specific bug-fixes, etc. Take the time to tell your story, but keep it readable.

As we enter into the holiday season, take a moment and remember the folks who made the last year special. If you can, call them and thank them.

It’s not the destination, after all. It’s the journey that makes us who we are.

Lou Berger

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