COBOL is a many-splendored thing…

A client of ours called me last week.

“Lou, I need two COBOL developers who can help certify code.  Do you have a resume you want to send my way?”


So I dove into our database and found some resumes we had stored from a recent COBOL development search.  Say what you will about COBOL developers, but I must admit that it is a pleasure speaking with them, overall, as a group.  Is it because they tend to be older?  (COBOL is, after all, an older software language.)  Is it the calm competence that they radiate, having worked with the technology for years, sometimes decades?  Is it the superior work ethic that older employees think of as second nature?  I don’t know, and I don’t care.  What I *do* know is that filling this job could not have gone more smoothly.  I was able to very quickly speak with three candidates who were both available and looking.

I presented each of the three resumes to my client, who informed me that I had a single competitor, and that my competition had only managed to come up with a single resume.  We quickly agreed on an interview schedule and two of my candidates interviewed on Monday afternoon, with the third slated for this morning.

Immediately after their interviews, I spoke with each of the two candidates, found out what they thought of the position and determined that they were both interested in moving forward.

One of the candidates laughed and said “Lou, your hiring manager has you figured out!  I asked what the next step would be and she said ‘Well, Lou will call you to figure out what you think of this interview, then he will call me within a minute of hanging up with you.’”

And, boy is she right!

I called my client and shared the good news:  my candidates were impressed with the company, they wanted to move forward.  Her reply was immediate.

“Lou, let’s stop the interviewing process. Let’s have the two I’ve interviewed report for work on Thursday.”

Just like that.

Talent Recruiters, Inc. is proud to announce an additional two placements yesterday, bringing our monthly total to six placements for July of 2010.  We are proud of what we do, and humbled by the opportunities afforded us by our clients, and the gracious competence of our candidates.

How can we help YOU succeed?

Lou Berger

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