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Talent Recruiters, Inc. is unlike any other recruiting firm you’ve met.

Our founder was a software developer and remembers the treadmill of recruiters calling constantly, none of whom had ever written a single line of code.  They seemed to think that a “shotgun” approach to candidate presentation was more desirable than a “sniper” approach.  He decided NOT to promote that kind of mentality.

Find a great job today! Talent Recruiters can help.When you work with Talent Recruiters, Inc., you can be assured of several truths.  We will be transparent and honest with you about the role.

We may not tell you the client name up front, but that is for our own protection.  Let us know where you are interviewing and we will let you know if a conflict exists.

We will work with you to enhance your resume to the job at hand and we will approve any and all additions or deletions to your resume with you prior to sharing it with our clients.

We will NEVER misrepresent you or your skill set.  We want you to succeed, and this sometimes means we don’t present you to our clients, especially if we feel that you won’t shine during the interview.

We will walk you through, step by step, our proven process.  Give us your needs up front, all of them, and we will do our best to maximize your experience.Without you, of course, we can’t survive.  Let’s partner together and find you your dream job!


Why are we so successful?

We actively partner with our clients, visiting work locations and interviewing stakeholders to determine what the best fit looks like in a team atmosphere.  This helps us pre-screen on YOUR behalf.

This tried and true formula works.  Our placement rate skyrockets when we meet a candidate who embraces our methodology.

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