Another Success

We found another candidate a home today, and it’s a great feeling. One of our clients, a startup, has a fantastic idea that will change the world. All startups do, and the hope is that their idea will catch hold, smolder and then burst into flame, igniting a passion that fuels the new business and drives it into tomorrow, ever profitable, ever soaring.

We helped make that happen today, by finding the initial architect to implement the ideas of the visionary. A short two month contract, a dream to be solidified using C#, ASP.NET and the Model View Controller pattern: these are the ingredients for success, especially in the heart of our client, the visionary.

This is what business is about. It’s about the introduction of a person with a dream to the folks that can bring the dreams into reality.

Talent Recruiters, Inc. made another placement today. We’re grateful for the opportunity. We’re humbled by the gift.

Lou Berger

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